Are You Ready To Take Off?

KORCOMPTENZ, at its core is a people-oriented company that provides our associates with opportunities to grow as professionals, domain experts, and leaders. No matter where your interests lie, we have a job ready for you. We welcome all innovators who wish to find a platform to showcase their talents.

So, what is your special skill?

  • Are you a Hunter, aggressively pursuing external opportunities?
  • Are you an Explorer looking for ways to build up the brand?
  • Are you a Builder, specializing in building talents and achieving results?
  • Or are you an Experimenter, skilled in creating new innovations?


At KORCOMPTENZ, we offer:

  • an open work environment,
  • state-of-the-art infrastructure,
  • transparency,
  • constant training for technical and soft skills,
  • competitive opportunities to test employees’ critical thinking and creative abilities, and much more.

Our work culture is energetic where learning is an everyday affair. We encourage our employees to achieve their fullest potential by providing them with the independence to explore their interests, the right environment, and guidance. If you are looking to change the world, with the career you take, KORCOMPTENZ is the right place.

Road Map of Korcomptenz

Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Korcomptenz?

Why is Korcomptenz the perfect fit for you?
  • We support all explorers in acquiring new skills and training.
  • We are always eager to learn and experiment making way for new innovations.
  • We value teamwork and build relationships.
  • We have a fun culture that allows our employees to explore their creative tale
  • We engage in endeavors that gives back to the community.

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Our Mission

To be the best in what we do.

Our Vision

To help our clients reach for the stars.

Our Values

Your evolution is our interest/responsibility.

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